Threat De-escalation: : How to Effectively Assess and Diffuse Dangerous Situations (Book & DVD)

Threat De-escalation cover imagesWe’ve all been there. Suddenly something just doesn’t feel “right.” Are you or your loved ones in danger? How can you be certain? More importantly, how do you get yourself and your family out of harm’s way?

This is a DVD entitled THREAT DE-ESCALATION and an accompanying book, entitled HOW TO CONTROL AND DE-ESCALATE THREATS. The DVD provides graphic scenarios of ordinary individuals facing potentially dangerous people. We show best practice methods to verbally diffuse various situations, followed by commentary explaining the strategies. The book, beautifully designed, amplifies this information. It is a succinct, comprehensive instruction book of Edgework methodology for ordinary individuals. It is part of a three part series that I’ve done in collaboration with Mike Hughes of Next Level Training, the inventor of the SIRT pistol; Don Gulla, the founder of Arrestling; and the United States Concealed Carry Association. I’ve gotten a number of requests over the years for instruction on de-escalation that wasn’t focused on the extremes (police or corrections tactics, security or worksite safety, or de-escalation of the severely mentally ill or drug affected in a clinical context). My work in this project is for the ordinary person, be they someone who carries a weapon or not. You can also acquire other

The USCCA is an insurance group that protects licensed gun owners who lawfully use a weapon to protect themselves. They offer a number of works on the safe proper usage of firearms, if you wish to make that part of your study.  Seeing the bearing of weapons to be a truly serious responsibility, they ensure that people receive top-level training. I was honored to be part of this project. My focus, as always, is on threat assessment and de-escalation.


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