Safe Behind the Walls: Communication, Control, & De-escalation of Mentally Ill and Aggressive Inmates

Safe Behind the Walls cover

For those not entirely familiar with my work, all of the books in this series, in a general sense, share the same strategies and tactics. These strategies are applied, however, to the specific circumstances in which those in one or another profession will encounter potentially aggressive and/or emotionally disturbed individuals. I have written many of the books in this series alone, based on my own professional experience and research. Others, however, have required a collaborator, someone from the profession of concern, able to provide input from the front lines, so to speak. Safe Behind the Walls is definitely a book that requires a co-writer—overall management of safety within a prison environment is far outside my ‘lane.’ I’ve not yet been successful in enlisting such a co-writer. The manuscript is currently in limbo–about 80% complete.

At this time, correctional officers who work in a prison environment who wish to learn my de-escalation strategies should purchase Safe Behind Bars. The bulk of this book is EXACTLY what Safe Behind the Walls will be. There is one major section of the two books that is different, the section on management and systems development, because the jail and prison environment are quite different. Nonetheless, front line correctional officers who wish to acquire the information for direct interactions which require information on how to de-escalate mentally ill and emotionally disturbed inmates will find exactly what they need in Safe Behind Bars.

Beyond this, if anyone reading this page believes that they would be suitable as a co-writer for Safe Behind the Walls, please contact me through this website. I am looking for an individual who has worked their way up the ranks from correctional officer into higher levels of administration, with the ability to write, the ability to do their own research and significant experience in their field. First of all, you should purchase Safe Behind Bars. Once you have read it, please contact me, and I will be happy to discuss the possibility of a collaboration. During our initial discussions, I would expect to hear from you:

  • What areas and chapters of Safe Behind Bars do you believe need to be rewritten, added to, or are not necessary for those concerned with the prison environment?
  • What, if anything, do you disagree with, in regards to tactics, program issues, or clinical concerns?
  • What, specifically, would you wish to write about concerning the specific responsibilities of correctional officers when they must deal with mentally ill, drug affected or otherwise emotionally disturbed individuals?
  • What do you wish to write concerning collaboration with those in other systems that affect or work with the prison system?