Reviews of In the Eye of the Hurricane

Just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for your book In the Eye of the Hurricane.  I’ve recommended it to a couple of clients, who have found it quite helpful. In both instances, these are people who are caretakers of abusive mothers- a phenomenon that will likely continue to grow. Last night, I met with three sisters, all in their 60’s, who brought in your book complete with highlights and post-it notes for assistance in creating the tools they need in dealing with their elderly mom, how has borderline personality disorder. Not only does this help them get through the day-to-day, more importantly, it gives them an opportunity to form a different relationship prior to their mom’s passing, something that is pretty cool.
Treina Aronson, LMHC

Following your de-escalation training for our Agency, I purchased In the Eye of the Hurricane for a co-worker.  When talking to her today, she told me that your book had profoundly changed the way she interacts with her mentally ill family members.  My coworker herself seems much less angry and volatile, now that she is handling the confusing actions of her family in a more positive manner.  Thank you so much for the fantastic work that you do!
A Participant in a Grace Under Fire seminar on Worksite Safety