Edgework Books – The Books of Ellis Amdur

De-escalation IconAuthor Ellis Amdur is a distinguished expert in the field of crisis intervention through his company, Edgework. He has published ten profession-specific books on the verbal de-escalation of aggression and calming of agitated mentally ill people, all of which are listed on this website.
Hostage NegCrisis negotiation is one of the most remarkable areas of law enforcement. On this topic, Amdur has published Shapeshifting, a book on scenario training for crisis/hostage negotiators, co-written with Ret. Sergeant Lisabeth Eddy.
_Martial artsAmdur is also an internationally recognized authority on traditional Japanese martial arts. He has written three books (and also released one DVD) on this subject, each of which has been considered groundbreaking: Dueling with O-sensei, Old School, and Hidden in Plain Sight.
The Girl with the Face of the Moon coverDrawing on his experiences both in his profession and in a rather colorful life, Amdur has also entered the world of fiction, with his graphic novel, Cimarronin (co-authored with Neal Stephenson, Charles Mann and Mark Teppo), and his novel, The Girl with the Face of the Moon.